About this project

Burden Calculator is a simple and open analytical tool that can be used to estimate the burden of injuries in a population using data on the incidence of deaths and non-fatal injuries. The tool aims to simplify the GBD-2010 methodology while retaining the features most important for evidence-based estimation of the burden of injuries. The tool will evolve through contributions and collaborations of the injury statistics community. Users are encouraged to provide better input parameters, conduct validation studies, perform cross-country comparisons, and to contribute their results and modifications to the project website.

Download the tool

Excel File: BurdenCalculatorV1.10.xlsx (click on link and select download)
Current Version: V1.10
Last Updated: 9 Nov 2015


  1. Article in Injury Prevention describing Burden Calculator
  2. Documentation of Key Assumptions: This page describes the key assumptions made in the current version of Burden Calculator.
  3. External Causes to Sequelae Mappings (Excel file; click on link and select download): By default, the tool uses the distribution of sequelae for road traffic injuries. In order to estimate burden of injuries due to other external causes, these mapping need to be replaced. This Excel File provides external cause to sequelae mappings for the the set of external cause groups that were developed by the GBD-2010 Injury Expert Group.  

Acknowledgements: The development of this tool is partly supported by a grant from the World Bank. The tool builds on a vast body of research in burden of disease methodologies undertaken by other researchers with support from other institutions. 

For more information about the project and to contribute to the development of this tool, please contact: 
Kavi Bhalla, PhD
Assistant Professor
Public Health Sciences
University of Chicago
Email: kavibhalla@gmail.com
James Harrison, MBBS, MPH
Research Centre for Injury Studies
Flinders University, Adelaide
Email: james.harrison@flinders.edu.au

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